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"Rstories was the perfect interactive presentation to begin our ancestry and heritage unit. The 2nd graders loved reenacting what it was like to enter Ellis Island as an immigrant.  The students were excited and engaged. This is the best way to learn. ClaireMarie is Wonderful."

- Jessica

"This is a wonderful program.  Children build background knowledge through this living history presentation.  They get to use, see and touch artifacts from years past.  They are truly engaged.  I could rave more…trust me - have them come out to your school!"


"Our school had RStories do the Kumeyaay presentation for our kindergarten, first and second graders.  They absolutely loved it and were engaged throughout the entire presentation. With a wonderful storyteller in Miss ClaireMarie and authentic artifacts, this makes for a great presentation."


"We have loved having R Stories come to our school every November for many years."

-Mrs. Sallans

"Every third grade classroom needs the Kumeyaay presentation! It's fantastic!"


"I loved what you did up there. I loved when I got to dress up in old cloze. Let's go back in time agin. Love, Savannah"

Engaging, interactive and relevant in-school field trips that cover social studies and California history state standards while giving a unique view of the past and present and empowering students to become active learners  

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